Premed Advising Sessions

Work with a seasoned professional from our small, handpicked advising team.


If you need to make sure you are on the right track or need help figuring out what the right track even is, consider general pre-health advising. Our 30-minute call will help you get your questions answered, put your mind at ease, and know that you are making the best decisions moving forward.


What's Included in the Premed Advising Session...

During your session, our advisors are there for you for anything that you need. Here are some common categories and topics:

Am I ready to apply?
Post-cycle review (application renovation)
Premed launch
● You choose!


As you prepare for your session, consider which questions will be most helpful to discuss. Sample topics include:

● Premed, pre-PA, or pre-health process
● Admissions for MD, DO, and PA programs
● Application services (AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, CASPA, non-standard)
● School list planning
● Postbac and masters' programs
● Course and prerequisite planning
● Gap year planning
● Reapplication
● Career changing


Whatever you want to talk about, we're here for it! 


We're Team MSHQ

Dr. Ryan Gray started Medical School HQ after going through the premed process without much support and understanding that he could make a difference. Now, 10 years later, he's helped hundreds of thousands of students through his podcasts, YouTube channels, and with his Mappd software platform. After realizing he couldn't help all of the students who wanted to work with him, he surrounded himself with experts in the medical school admissions space, including former Directors of Admissions Dr. Scott Wright and Courtney Lewis as well as Varinia Grannum, former Assistant Dean of Pre-Health and STEM Advising and Rachel Grubbs, his co-founder at Mappd.

Our small advising team focuses on providing students with 1-on-1 expert advising on every aspect of the premed process, including through the whole application cycle if that's what you want.


"Just want to thank you for the great talk we had yesterday. You were very reassuring and I feel much better about my situation."

- O.B.

"Thank you for all of your insight and assistance in preparation for my interviews! I truly can not stress enough how helpful you were in this process, and will absolutely be referring friends of mine to your instruction."

- J.W.

"Thank you so much for your help during the mock interviews; they were exactly what I needed to feel confident in myself. Thank you again; words cannot describe how grateful am."

- P.R.

Meet Our Advisors


Courtney Lewis

Former Director of Admissions
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Varinia Grannum, MSEd

Former Assistant Dean of Pre-Health Advising
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Deana Golini

Former Stanford Senior Admissions Officer
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Scott Wright, EdD

VP, Academic Advising
Former Director of Admissions
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Christine Crispen, EdD

Former Director of Admissions
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30 Minutes


30-min session

30 minutes is excellent for covering questions about your premed journey, a final look at your personal statement, or anything else that can fit in 30 minutes.

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60 Minutes


60-min session

60 minutes is perfect to review an application prior to submission, or review an application after a failed cycle. We can go more in-depth with more time!

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If you're looking for help with your application cycle, we have hours-based bundles that are customizable to fit your needs! Check out our Application Cycle Prep here.


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