Mock Interviews

The most effective method of getting in your best answer-crushing shape.


The good news: you’ve satisfied a school's requirements enough for their team to want to meet you!

The challenge: you need to be prepared for the gauntlet of questions that the interviewer might ask you. 

Fair warning: when you get an interview, you may have only a few days to make preparations, so plan ahead!


You Can Be Confident Walking Into Your Medical School Interview

Our advisors have helped thousands of students prepare for their interviews:

  • Know how to best answer "Tell me about yourself"
  • Learn how to be confidently prepared to answer any question
  • Have personalized, customized help to focus on the parts of the interview you need most
  • Know how to approach any interview type, from traditional interviews to multiple-mini interviews
  • Learn how to connect with the interviewer to be memorable and relatable

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With our advisors guiding you, you'll be prepared to crush your medical school interviews.


What's Included with Mock Interviews...

  • Match with an Expert Med School Admissions Advisor
  • Live Video Call of 60 minutes with about 35 minutes of Mock Interview and 25 minutes of feedback
  • Recordings of your Mock Interviews to Study
    • Open and Closed File
    • 1-on-1, Panel, and Group
    • MMI (Multiple-Mini Interview)
    • Virtual or In-Person
    • Let us know your request
  • Support with Interview Planning: What to wear, how to set up tech, what kind of questions you should ask

We're Team MSHQ

Dr. Ryan Gray started Medical School HQ after going through the premed process without much support and understanding that he could make a difference. Now, 10 years later, he's helped hundreds of thousands of students through his podcasts, YouTube channels, and with his Mappd software platform. After realizing he couldn't help all of the students who wanted to work with him, he surrounded himself with experts in the medical school admissions space, including former Directors of Admissions Dr. Scott Wright and Courtney Lewis as well as Varinia Grannum, former Assistant Dean of Pre-Health and STEM Advising and Rachel Grubbs, his co-founder at Mappd.

Our small advising team focuses on providing students with 1-on-1 expert advising on every aspect of the premed process, including through the whole application cycle if that's what you want.

"Just want to thank you for the great talk we had yesterday. You were very reassuring and I feel much better about my situation."

- O.B.

"Thank you for all of your insight and assistance in preparation for my interviews! I truly can not stress enough how helpful you were in this process, and will absolutely be referring friends of mine to your instruction."

- J.W.

"Thank you so much for your help during the mock interviews; they were exactly what I needed to feel confident in myself. Thank you again; words cannot describe how grateful am."

- P.R.

Meet Your Mock Interviewer

Courtney Lewis

Former Director of Admissions
Read Bio

Deana Golini

Former Senior Admissions Officer
Read Bio

Varinia Grannum, MSEd

Former Assistant Dean of Pre-Health Advising
Read Bio

Scott Wright, EdD

VP, Academic Advising
Former Director of Admissions
Read Bio

Choose the Number of Sessions

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Targeted Practice

Mini Mock Interview


30-minute mock interview


Great for those who struggle to give short, concise responses.

This mock will consist of 4 common questions related to your choice of either basics or ethics to get a feel for a med school interview.



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Single Session

1 Mock Interview


60-minute mock interview


Great for those who are looking for immediate feedback and tips to improve on their own.

Perfect for a last-minute practice session for upcoming interviews!

Choose any 4 questions to practice!

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Most Popular

2 Mock Interviews


Two 60-minute mock interviews


Great for those looking to work on specific growth areas in their interviewing skills.

Use your second session to practice feedback received in your first! 


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Best Value

3 Mock Interviews


Three 60-minute mock interviews


Great for those with more time to practice and work on the specific feedback from your advisor.

Get the most amount of time to practice, grow, and develop your interview skills!



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 Each session is with an expert advisor


Use your session to practice any interview type. MMI, traditional, or others!


Get a recording of your session!


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